Welcome to our new & improved store! Many of you are returning customers, and some are new. For our new customers, here is a little bit about us. We were founded in 2009, after our oldest daughter Brittany (the “Brit” in Britlyn Madison) caught the American Girl Doll bug. We are a small business, run mainly by family. Our focus is to provide the American Girl Doll community with high quality and trendy fashions, at a competitive price. We believe in quality and value above all else. Our new website allows us to offer many new features that our old one could not. You can now create an account, leave reviews, enlarge our items for a better view. We have a large inventory of dolls shoes! When navigating our site, keep clicking on the “more items” button at the bottom of the page. All of our prices have been reduced since moving to this new site. We offer FREE SHIPPING on all US orders over $40 so be sure to buy your items together. We ship overseas for an “at cost” rate only. No added fees. You can see all of our shipping charges on the “shipping” tab on our main page. If you have any questions or need a special item, let us know! We love our customers and try our best to help in any way we can. We are active on Instagram and Facebook (button links are on the top of our website) and feature many of our previews of new items there first. So follow us. You never know when we’ll post details about a new giveaway or coupon code!

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The Britlyn Madison Team


We are constantly enthralled by custom American Girl Dolls. We love looking at the endless combinations of skin tone, hair colors, texture and eye color. We love making custom American Girl dolls as well. We have a few custom dolls, and plan to add many more to our collection. Our first customized American Girl Doll was Felicity Merriman. We admire Felicity, and have another pristine Felicity in our collection. This Felicity however was a poorly cared for doll that we rescued off of Ebay. She had a poorly stained body, rough dry hair and a few marks on her skin. We cleaned her skin with the use of a magic eraser pad. You can get the generic kind at most dollar stores. We replaced her torso completely, as the ink stain could not be removed and she also had a tear in her cloth. The body was also purchased off of Ebay. It was a brand new torso. Make sure to buy one that will match the skin color of your doll. When replacing the torso, you will need to undo the tension cups at the legs, so be sure to research how to do this and what supplies you will need. We replaced her wig after realizing downy dunks would not soften her hair to our liking. We painted her eyebrows and added some freckles. The original face paint can be removed by using nail polish remover. be careful not to touch the eyelids, as that paint also comes off easily. The wig used was the long blonde curly parting wig from Ruby Red Galleria. We placed it on with a slight angle to give her a part on the side rather than down the middle. We named her Willow and she had been one of our favorite models ever since. We get a lot of compliments on her.

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